Brand and Website Design | Accommodation | Champagne Mist

This stunning accommodation in the Central Drakensberg was originally called ‘Zebra Crossing’. Sarah felt that it wasn’t fitting, and approached me to rebrand it to suit the feel of the place. Being set in the misty Champagne Valley, we felt the name ‘Champagne Mist’ to be quite appropriate – not only for the location, but also the colour of the misty setting. Another reason we went with this name was because, having ‘Champagne’ in the title, meant that google would recognise it if browsers were to search for ‘Champagne Valley Accommodation’.

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Brand & Website Design | Steampunk Coffee

This logo design, brand identity and website was created for Steampunk Café, a take-away coffee shop and roastery of Steampunk Coffee ®. Off the weary road, at a basic petrol stop on the R103, it’s unlike anything you’d expect – a warm, quirky space that invites expression and revolutionary thought. This is the vision of  Michael, owner and roaster, and this was the process behind the brand:


Some of the Steampunk Coffee branded items include business stationery, travel mugs, coffee bags and clothing.

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Logo Design | Romer Attorneys

Romer Attorney’s requested a simple logo design that had a sophisticated, professional feel. They also asked that the logo incorporate two M’s in the mark-up to add a personal element – the first initials of the two founding members.

The brand feel was created in monochrome as the members felt they wanted to be able to print their corporate documents in greyscale without losing the overall look. The simple design of their stationery ensured this consistency.

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Logo Design | Snazz-é Handmade Soaps

Snazz-é Handmade SoaEsmaré’s beautiful range of hand-made soaps needed to be branded with a look and feel that depicted how gentle and natural the product is. The name was chosen, using the é from Esmaré, to add a personal touch. The logo was designed in earthy-tones, combining a feminine font with a natural handwriting font.

A natural cardboard was used for the packaging and labels, to keep with the authentic, earthy feel.

Brand images were chosen to match the gentle mood.

Website Design | WeLead Womens Conference

WeLead Women’s Leadership Development is a company aimed at empowering Women’s leadership and encouraging conversation amongst Women in business. The original WeLead website had all the content, but it just wasn’t connecting with users. My recommendation to Debby was, to make it full-width and more visual, with a focus on simple navigation and highlighting the main events held by WeLead. I was able to re-style the existing WordPress theme to breathe new life into it. The result was a brand new, engaging and informative website.

“Thank you so much for our beautiful website! so happy with it :-)”
– Debby Edelstein

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Brand Design | Lifestyle Coach | Woza Wellness

Lifestyle coach, Sue wanted to create a colourful and inspiring brand to promote her light and bright approach to life. Being South African, she wanted to incorporate the Zulu word ‘Woza’ – a call to action word of encouragement that it used to motivate someone or something to get going. We decided on green and orange as the main brand colours – Green symbolising health and growth, and orange symbolising energy. The logo was designed to represent health and nutrition, as well as, energy and movement.

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Logo Design | Estate Agency | Ryans Realty

Ryan wanted to launch a new realty brand that specifically targeted investors. He wanted to created a strong logo design that would stand out alongside other realty brands, and was memorable. For this reason we went with striking orange combined with black, making a bold statement.

Branding items included business stationery and HTML email signature

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